9th Avenue Trail

In 2005, following a notably intense fire season, a fire guard was cut on the hillside above the town site of Dawson City to increase fire protection for the community. The cutting of the fire guard exposed sections of an historic trail, a remnant of the days of the Klondike Gold Rush, when a booming tent city sprung up on the hillside. The area is referred to on old maps only as '9th. Ave.', though no actual avenue was ever developed.

A group of locals examined the site and decided to develop the area to provide the community with an easily accessible recreational trail. Starting in 2007, KATTS commenced work on the trail with a small crew of local youth, funded by the Community Development Fund (CDF) and the support of volunteers and donations from the community. The concept of the trail and the youth employment program was well received following the inaugural year, and the society continued on into 2008, when we were able to complete roughly half the trail by the end of the second season.

With additional funding and support from CDF, Tr’ondёk Hwёch’in First Nation, the Y2C2 program, and the National Trails Infrastructure Program, KATTS was able complete the trail to Moosehide Slide in the north end of town, connecting with the Dyke Trail and Klondike Millennium Trail to form a loop trail encircling the historic core of Dawson City.

The trail is greatly appreciated by the community, and KATTS is very proud of the hard work our employees and volunteers contributed to make this possible.


KATTS would like to thank all our employees from 2007-2010

Aaron Mendelsohn, Alastair Findlay-Brook, Alex Brook, Amy-Lynn Karchut, Austin Taylor, Cari Tangedal, Casey Parker, Charles Dixon-Blanchard, Cholena Smart, Clinton Taylor, Corey Taylor, Dallas-Rae Gaven, Elizabeth Egnatoff, Emile Bouffard, Francis Bouffard, Galen Clarke, Gavin Johnson, Hannah Findlay-Brook, Huey O'Leary-Baikie, Jared Stephenson, Jayme Favron, Jemmy Laurin, Jimmy Gattie, John Bryant, Josh Moses, Julia Spriggs, Kane Morgan, Katherine Biernaski, Logan Dupont, Louis Gerberding, Malcolm Dewell, Marshal Jonas, Mathew Jim, Mathew Keaton, Melina Fontaine, Mike Tyson, Miriam Havemann, Nate MacDonald, Nathan Taylor, Nicholas Heathcliff, Nick Ball, Nick Rear, Pait Johnson, Reid Gaven, Seamus Power, Shawn Perry, Shea Newnham, Sonny Parker, Spruce Gerberding, Steve Kocsis, Sylvia Frisch, Tanner Sidney, Ted Hunter, Tiss Clark, Trae Taylor, Tyler Beck, Victoria McLeod, Waylin Nagano, Wesley Gillespie, Xander Mann 

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